Current Event Resources for Teens

By getting involved with current events, teens are making a difference in the lives of others and the entire world. Get started by reading news articles for teenagers about what’s happening around the world right now.

News Articles for Teens

Today, newspapers and news networks continue to be the most common sources for current events. Some adult magazines and newspapers have websites dedicated to teen current events, such as Smithsonian Teen Tribune and HuffPost Teen. 

Teen news websites typically cover topics such as what’s going on in the area, local band news, celebrity news, and world news.

The New York Times Upfront

The New York Times and Scholastic teamed up to publish Upfront magazine for teens in grades 9-12. Because the magazine supports ELA and Social Studies standards, it mostly covers current events related to those subjects. 

A minimum order of 10 subscriptions is required for teachers to purchase the magazine for their classrooms. Each student subscription includes 7 issues for $6.

New York Times: The Learning Network

In an RSS feed format, the New York Times Learning Network provides teens with current events on a variety of topics. Students can find articles and resources on The Learning Network web pages that relate back to New York Times articles. 

All information for students is free, including information on fashion, science, pop culture, and foreign affairs. Article discussion questions, writing prompts, quizzes, and contests are also great features for students.

PBS News Hour Extra

Teens and teachers in Grades 7 through 12 can learn about current events through PBS News Hour Extra. From Arts & Culture to Geography to Politics to Science, you can browse the daily featured articles or search by category. 

In the “Student Voices” section, teens from around the world answer probing and timely questions.

Teen Kids News

Teen Kids News is a great half-hour news show for teens. A different kid from around the world is featured in each episode, and how they are making a difference. You can watch episodes on their website or look at their airing schedule to find out when they air in your area. 

Business, sports, entertainment, and movies are among the topics covered. A lot of articles on the website feature pictures and videos to illustrate current events.

Student News Daily

The Student News Daily is a current events news site designed specifically for high school students. In addition to world news and politics, there are sometimes other types of stories as well. 

You can subscribe for free to receive all the answers to the discussion questions at the end of each article.

Apps With Current Events for Teens

With current events apps, you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest news. In most cases, these apps can be downloaded for free and you can even receive mobile alerts with breaking news.

E! News App

Rating “T” for “Teen,” the free E! Get up-to-the-minute news on celebrities and entertainment with the News app. This app features headlines, photos, videos, and behind-the-scenes content.

Reddit: Social News

It’s rated for ages 17 and up, but the Reddit App is a great way for teens to keep up with what’s trending online. Subscribing to your favorite subreddits keeps the content tailored to your interests, and the app is free. From news and sports to viral videos and hot memes, Reddit is all about letting your voice be heard.

YouTube App

On YouTube, you will find channels and videos created by all kinds of people about all kinds of topics. Teens also use this app because of its high entertainment value, even when watching current events videos. Check out what’s trending and ensure the creator features real, up-to-date information when looking for a great current events channel. 

YouTubers such as Kalen Allen, who has his own section on The Ellen Show’s YouTube channel, offer fun commentary on current events through trusted sources like the NFL channel.

Current Event Podcasts for Teens

Despite the fact that you can still listen to news radio shows, current events podcasts are more appropriate for teenagers. While walking to school, relaxing at home, or doing chores, you can listen to informative podcasts.

Adult ISH

Youth Radio presents Adult Ish, a podcast made by young people for young people about everything from hip-hop to politics. Each episode lasts 40 to 50 minutes and features special guests such as comedians, actors, and musicians. 

While some of the content is on the adult side, the show definitely covers timely topics, as the hosts are in their early 20s.

TechStuff Daily

Every day, this five-minute podcast explores what’s happening in technology. Throughout TechStuff Daily, you’ll learn about advancing technology and why it’s important to understand. These current events discussions are relevant to teens because they live in a technology-driven world.

411 Teen

Join other teens on the weekly radio show, 411 Teen, as they discuss current events that affect teenage life. The radio broadcasts episodes live, or archived episodes can be listened to online. 

A typical episode lasts around an hour and covers a variety of topics related to teenage struggles, current events, or real-world discussions.

Get Informed

You can better understand the world you live in if you keep up with current events and world news. In addition to motivating you to take up a cause, reading articles and listening to news stories geared toward your age group can enhance your relationship with the media and give you the knowledge to have meaningful conversations with other teenagers and adults.

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